MySubscriptionAddiction Gives A GREAT Review of the CampusCube College Care Package for Girls

Hi friends, we thought you might be interested to know that Nancy Su over at MySubscriptionAddiction, the #1 reviewer of Subscription box services, did an amazing review of the CampusCube College Care package for girls. Nancy “loved her first box” and can’t wait to get the rest.

She did a really nice set of unboxing photos of our September box and went through each of the items and gave a detailed description and her thoughts. You can read the full review here: MySubscriptionAddiction Review of CampusCube Girls Box

Nancy thought CampusCube was excellent value for the money and calculated that the first box contained over $72 worth of value (we charge $29.00 per box). We agree because we work hard at CampusCube to deliver great value and only include the very best type of items like those we send to our own kids. You can send one just like it to your favorite students from right the page: CampusCube for Girls

Nancy posted lots of great unboxing photos of her first box, here are just a few:

CampusCube-Women-September-2016-First-Look1 CampusCube-Women-September-2016-First-Look2 CampusCube-Women-September-2016-Contents

MySubscriptionAddiction will also be reviewing the CampusCube box for Guys soon! Please be sure to keep an eye out for that.

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Thanks Nancy, we love that you loved it!

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