Landing that All-Important Summer Job or Internship

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Its summer at long last. You’ve turned in you last final exam, hugged your roommates and burned your textbooks (hopefully you returned the rented ones). But summer vacation in college doesn’t seem as carefree as it did in high school. Especially if you’re a rising junior or senior, you’re probably looking for a summer job or internship that will not only earn you a little cash but also pad that all-important resume so that you can graduate and get a real job. Finding a job that you like and that provides you with some real work experience is tough- we’ve been there. That’s why we at Campus Cube have put together this list of resources to help you figure it all out. It’s by no means exhaustive but it’ll give you some ideas for where to start.
You can use this site as a starting point in your search. They link to dozens of online internship postings and also a much longer free e-book that’s all about how to find and get the most out of your internship experience. is dedicated to teaching students how to chart a course towards their dream career. In this article, they start by explaining the value of having an internship in college and go on to list several resources that students can use to find internships both in the United States and abroad. They provide an internship “FAQ” and at the end there is a great “Ask the Internship Expert” interview that offers insight into what employers are looking for in interns.
This is a great article from the Boston Globe discussing how students should approach finding an internship that is a good fit. They emphasize looking for positions which will help students develop skills and make connections as opposed to what looks best on a resume. Look for internships that seem interesting and reach out to professionals in careers that you want to learn more about.

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So you’ve landed a great internship, congratulations! But now what can you do to make sure that you stand out and that the experience is successful for both you and your employer? Use this article to learn more about what employers are looking for in their interns and what you can do to go above and beyond in showing that you are an exceptional intern.

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The Levo League is all about helping you develop your career by connecting you with mentors and other resources. In this article, they discuss ways that you can stand out as an exceptional intern.

Lastly, don’t forget that your best resource may be your college or university’s career center. Whether you have a solid ten year plan or you haven’t even declared a major yet, they can help you work through any stage of your career planning. Most schools provide their students with exclusive job and internship listing sites that will connect you with employers looking specifically for college students. The career center can also help connect you with alumni in your field of interest who may be willing to set up informational interviews or share information about job availability.

Good luck and I hope that helps!!