College Care Package For Final Exams

  • Exam Survival Cube, Our college care package for final exams

We recently introduced the Exam Survival Cube. It’s a College Care Package for final exams and is designed to help students at colleges and universities power through important exams like mid-terms and finals. It contains a variety of great snacks and useful and confidence boosting items that let them know you’re right behind them!

It has been one of our best selling items right from the moment we introduced it! Clearly we nailed it so we made it part of the permanent collection of always available college care packages that you can send any time your student is taking an important exam.

FedEx Ground shipping is included in the price and generally arrives in 1 – 2 days for many locations, but we also offer a full range of expedited shipping options when you need it to arrive by a certain date.

Exam Survival Cube College Care Package For Final Exams

All of the CampusCube College Care Packages have themes and custom items we specially design to communicate support and encouragement, and the Exam Survival Cube college care package for final exams is no different. The theme for the Exam Survival Cube is: “You Got This” and it includes a handy little themed Go Cup and a beautiful card containing your personal messages of love and support.

CampusCube Exam Survival College Care Package You Got This Cup

We think your students and loved ones will love to get this when they are taking important finals and mid-terms and it includes a lot of great snacks to help them power through the night and ace those exams!

CampusCube CEO